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Whether you have a puppy, senior petizen, or a recuperating dog, you are the first line of defense for your dog’s health and welfare.

Casey Farris is one of the very few people in Texas Certified to teach Pet First Aid and CPR. You will know what to do after attending her classes

Classes for You and Your Pets • Instruction in Pet CPR and First Aid

Casey Farris has been teaching Pet First Aid & CPR since 2002 and was one of the first certified teachers in Texas. She is certified to teach through Pet Tech™ the premier  training center on the planet for pet first aid and care. She has taught hundreds of pet professionals, as well as pet owners, the skills and techniques needed by a first responder.


Casey says, “After living with pets all of my life and pet sitting for others most of my adult life, I know that accidents and injuries can and will happen. Knowing the skills and techniques of Pet First Aid can mean the difference between life and death, between temporary and permanent disability, between expensive veterinarian bills and reasonable home care, and between rapid recovery and long recuperation for the pet.”

Casey lives on Galveston Island, Texas with her husband, Michael, and two cats, Emily Ann and Skeeter Tom.

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Houston SPCA

Another great week of Critter Camp wrapped up at the Houston SPCA! Our campers learned all about our rescue efforts and the importance of taking proper care of animals during an emergency. They also heard from a very special guest. Casey Farris of Pet CPR USA helped our campers learn the importance of Pet First Aid. They all know how to assemble a pet first aid kit and have it ready at home in case of emergency.

Our staff is now pet CPR certified. We are very excited to tell you that in the Spring of 2014 we partnered with the Greater Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club to bring Casey Farris of Pet CPR USA to train their members and our staff in pet CPR. The training session as held on a Saturday afternoon in our raining center. This is our third training experience with Ms. Farris and we areas pleased as we were when we first met her.  Our staff said she made the subject relevant and interesting and presented herself as a very entertaining, positive person.

Susan Belden, Fondren

Animal Justice League

Class with volunteers of the Animal Justice League. This foster dog, Desmond was so 
adorable. First he was our choking victim then he was a trauma patient. Whomever 
adopts this dog is going to have a fun life. This was great training! Casey covered the topic and answered all of the questions 
we had. Very informative class.

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